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7th week

7w - green 7w - brown
ENZO - green boy
ENRICO - brown boy
7w - blue 7w - y
È DINDIN Jr. - blue boy
7w - violet 7w - red
ERA - violet bitch
ELETTRA - red bitch
7w - 1st group 7w - 2nd group
7w - hunt.test4 7w - hunt.test6
7w - hunt.test5 7w - hunt.test3
7w - hunt.test 7w - hunt.test2

6th week

The photo gallery of first experience our puppies with the pheasant wings - http://www.retrivri.cz/fotogalerie/vrh-e-z-boticskych-meandru-6-tydnu
by Eva S. and Lukas B.


The beautifull pics of standards and faces by Eva Hubikova.

Brown - 6w. 1
Brown - 6w.2
Mr. Brown - Enrico - AVAILABLE for loving show home our favorite
blue - 6w. 3 blue - 6w. 3
Mr. Blue standard
Mr. Brown - standard
blue - 6w. 1 blue - 6w. 2
Mr. Blue - AVAILABLE for loving show home
Yellow - 6w. 1 Yellow - 6w.2
Mr. Yellow - Enrico - again AVAILABLE
Green - 6w. 1 Green - 6w. 2
Mr. Green - Enzo
Violet -6w. - 1 Violet -6w. - 2
Miss Violet - Era
Red -6w. 1
Red -6w. 2
Miss Red - Elettra

5th week

photo gallery from 5th week : http://www.retrivri.cz/fotogalerie/vrh-e-z-boticskych-meandru-5-tydnu

by Eva a Lukas

red- 1st stand. violet- 1st stand.
Miss Red - 1st standard at 34th day
Miss Violet
blue- 1st stand. yellow- 1st stand.
Mr. Blue
Mr. Yellow
brown - 1st stand. green - 1st stand.
Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown

4th week

new fotoes from our balcony : http://www.retrivri.cz/fotogalerie/vrh-e-z-boticskych-meandru-4-tydny

and short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bNGkJaUeC8&feature=youtu.be


blue - face 4th week green - face -4th week
Mr.Blue Mr.Green
yellow - face - 4th week
brown - face - 4th week
Mr. Yellow
violet - face-4th week red - face-4th week
Miss Violet
Miss Red

3rd week

new photo gallery from 20th day  :  http://www.zboticskychmeandru.cz/upload/littere-20thday-firstmilk010.jpg

photoes: Eva and Lukas

first feeding from the bowl
19thday - red, violet,brown
first feeding from a bowl
we are playing - Red, Brown and Violet
milk bar - 17th day Mr yellow - 18th day
17th day - our milk bar
18th day - Mr Yellow
Miss red 15th day Mr Brown - 19th day
15th day - Miss Red with  anaconda
19th day - Mr Brown




2nd week

very nice photogallery from 13th day by Eva Sipova and Lukas Beranek is here: http://www.retrivri.cz/fotogalerie/navsteva-stenatek-z-boticskych-meandru




1th week


7-8 th days2 7-8 th days3
8th day
5th day 7-8 th days
5th day
our sweet girls Era nad Elettra
3-4 th days 3-4 th days_1
cleanning a basket full of happiness
1st Day 2 nd day
1th day